How a DELCORA-Aqua partnership benefits you

DELCORA, Aqua meet the public to discuss merger plans

DELCORA employees explain why the water authority is considering a sale.

SPRINGFIELD — Dozens of people attended the first of two community sessions co-hosted by DELCORA and Aqua to answer questions and to share information about the potential merger of the two entities. 

“A format like this gives people the opportunity to enter into a conversation on a particular topic whether it’s environmental or rates or on every topic whether it’s environmental, employees or customer service,” Marc Lucca, president of Aqua Pennsylvania, said. “So really, it’s an opportunity to share information, enter into a dialogue and hopefully when people leave, they’ll have a more complete understanding of the process and a feeling that they’re part of the process.”

The Delaware County Regional Water Quality Control Authority entered an exclusive six-week due diligence period with Aqua Pennsylvania Wastewater to consider a merger or acquisition on July 16. Last month, that was extended until Oct. 1 so DELCORA could get a better idea of costs to the ratepayers if a sale to Aqua is completed. Read more.

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