How a DELCORA-Aqua partnership benefits you

Q&A: Answering your questions about the DELCORA-Aqua Partnership

How does the DELCORA-Aqua partnership benefit ratepayers? DELCORA Director of Operations and Maintenance Michael DeSantis answers your questions.

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0:00 – Who is DELCORA?
0:23 – Can you explain the history of the DELCORA-Aqua merger agreement?
1:55 – How were the ratepayers and citizens of Delaware County involved in the decision to merge with Aqua?
3:04 – How does the DELCORA-Aqua partnership benefit ratepayers?
4:06 – Is it true U.S. EPA mandates will require DELCORA to spend almost $700 million in new capital costs in addition to $500 million in capital improvements?
10:33 – What were the key principals DELCORA held while seeking a partner?
11:34 – What will happen if Delaware County Council is successful in dissolving DELCORA?
14:00 – Why is Aqua PA the best partner for DELCORA?
15:34 – What is the timeline for the merger?
17:32 – Where can ratepayers follow updates and find out more about the DELCORA-Aqua partnership?

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